Nov. 2, 2011 – Got Respect? – Sam Horn

Got Respect?


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Nov. 2, 2011
12:00 – 1:00pm PT
Presenter: Sam Horn, Owner, Sam Horn Keynotes, Consulting, Creative

Sam HornFace it. Respect equals results.

Talent, smarts and hard work are not enough. People make up their minds in the first few minutes whether they respect your leadership, knowledge, skills and ability to get things done.

If you pass THE RESPECT TEST, they listen to you, act on your advice, give you promotions, fund your projects, say yes to your requests and follow your lead.

If you don’t pass THE RESPECT TEST, they won’t support you, promote you, perform for you, invest in you, hire you or recommend you…even when you deserve it.

Sam Horn IYF webinar 11-2-11

This fascinating session provides fresh insights into how to command the respect you deserve – so you can get the results you need. And the good news is, these techniques work in person, on the phone, online, in the halls and in virtual meetings.

BONUS: Submit your questions and challenges when you register so Sam can address them in the webinar. Tell us about times people dis-respected you or didn’t give you the respect you deserve. Tell us your favorite tip on how to hold people accountable for treating you with respect. Tell us how you got a difficult boss or VIP client to respect you. Tell us the best thing you’ve done to get respect in a male-dominated company or industry.

Sam Horn, America’s Intrigue Expert is the author of POP!, Tongue Fu! and What’s Holding You Back? She has been interviewed on NPR, MSNBC and featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily and Readers Digest. She receives rave reviews for her inspiring presentations from clients including Intel and NASA. Why? Sam understands people don’t want information; they want epiphanies. Her innovative, eye-opening insights and programs help people move their personal and professional lives forward – for good.

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