Corporate Speaker Series

Companies that do the best job of motivating their employees deliver far better results for shareholders. Unfortunately, enrichment programs may be the first budget item to be cut in an economic downturn, particularly if the return on investment is uncertain.

How do you invigorate your staff with world-class speakers who can inspire and boost morale? It’s simple. Partner with Invent Your Future to create a cost-effective author enrichment series that allows employees to learn where they work. By using your corporate facilities, you minimize travel costs and reduce time spent away from the office. It’s a great new way to develop practical events that raise the level of employee engagement and performance.

  • Attract World-Class Leaders to Your Company: Leverage our relationships with major publishers to schedule authors on book tour who map to the highest priority topics for your audience.
  • Design, Plan and Promote the Event Right Onsite: Motivate, encourage and inspire your employees with a quarterly or monthly speaker series.
  • Partner with the Leader: Two decades of event planning experience and relationships with best-selling authors and top publishers.

Learn how to bring experts like these directly to your company with our Corporate Speaker Series. Contact us today.