Forget The Glass Ceiling: Leadership Lessons from the White House to the Board Room

Part of the IYF Guest Bloggers series. Cross-posted from Deborah’s blog.

Betsy Myers has served two Presidents.  As a senior adviser on women’s issues under President Bill Clinton and Chief Operating Officer for President Barack Obama’s campaign, Betsy has experienced leadership at the highest levels. In her latest book, Take The Lead Betsy says that her curiosity has framed her leadership efforts.  Questions such as: Why is it that some people challenge us and motivate us to rise to our best abilities, while others seem to drain our energy and spirit? What is that particular quality people have that causes others around them to fully engage and feel connected?

You can learn more from Betsy Myers by joining me at the Midwest Women’s Invent Your Future conference June 19. Until then, here are 5 leadership lessons from Betsy Myers: Continue reading