The Future of Video in the Workplace

The Future of Video in the Workplace

Date: Nov. 14, 2017
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm PT
Featuring: Jacqui Buchanan

Across social media, websites, work emails, intranets and online meetings…video is booming! And it is here to stay.

Many people think that video is just for marketing, branding, PR, internal comms and the executives. However, you most definitely should be thinking ahead on how this powerful communications format can actually be helping you today to do your job better, build your career faster, and broaden your trusted network.

Our speaker Jacqui Buchanan is a seasoned Video Marketing Strategist, Executive Producer and international on-air TV correspondent. She has produced virtually every type of “moving image” production hands on from “script to screen”.

She joins us for a fun and interactive session to share how:

  • Video can be used in a multitude of ways in any kind of job
  • You too can make video even with just your smart phone
  • Simple tips on how to feel confident presenting on camera

Join us to deepen your understanding of one of the most powerful communication formats at your finger-tips!

About our speaker: For the last 15 years Video Marketing Strategist and Fortune 500 Communications Consultant, Jacqui Buchanan, has helped global leaders educate and transform diverse audiences through powerful video messaging. She has worked with South African Presidents Nelson Mandela and F.W. De Klerk, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Intel’s Gordon Moore and America’s 1st Woman in Space, Dr. Sally Ride.

As an International TV Broadcaster to 80M+ viewers, Jacqui has distilled complex topics into short compelling stories for TV networks such as NBC, BBC, Sky News and CNBC, as well as for global companies including Deloitte, Cisco, and HP. With video expected to grow to two-thirds of online activity in 2017, Jacqui is in demand for her unique combination of strategy, storytelling and video production skills to help companies maximize the power of video across their entire business – both externally and internally.

Born in South Africa, Jacqui has lived in London, travelled extensively, and is now based in Silicon Valley. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and Communications from Durban University of Technology and is co-founder of the global South African business network SAABC.

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